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Serene Persian Ode Premium Winter Collection 2018

Serene debuts its newest premium collection 'Persian Ode' which engulfs the detailed beauty and marvel from the historic land of Persia. The diffused tones of this assortment are contrasted with brightly coloured florals handpicked from the mystic gardens of the land of Euphrates and Tigris.
Persian Ode is a celebration of one of the richest art heritages of the world that spring forth from the fertile land between the Levant and the Subcontinent. In this Premium Winter collection, Serene has gathered the peculiar art elements from the imperial courts and dynasties that reigned over for more than two millennia. 

Serene Persian Ode Winter Chiffon Collection 2018

Each article from Serene Persian Ode Chiffon is a masterpiece that draws its inspiration and creation from Persian elements such as lauded tapestry, woven fabric, intertwined motifs, floral depictions, sacred geometry and miniature painting. It is a re-imagination of the brilliant artwork and craftsmanship which will drape you in the mysticism, which is evident in the tales of Persia. 

Serene Party Wear Dresses 2018

Persian Ode premium chiffon beckons you to walk down the memory lane of antiquity while adorned in the grandeur that the queens of old radiated through their majestic presence. Serene believes in the empowerment of Pakistani women by instilling a sense of confidence, power, dignity and respect. Their work is a compliment to the wondrous achievements harnessed through unwavering devotion, while being an encouragement for all endeavours yet to be surmounted.


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