Suffuse Latest Bridal Wear 2018 by Sana Yasir

Being famous and producing timeless masterpiece is a long run. But once you got international acclaim for ethnic styles than believe me you wouldn't need to look behind. There are many Pakistani fashion designers have got international recognition for their designs. Such as Asim Jofa, Deepak Perwani, HSY and Maria B, Sana Safinaz, Zainab Chottani, Sana Yasir are some sparkling names from theme. They have not only described rich traditional, aesthetic and ancient charm in their designs as well as made Pakistani dresses to meet with the taste of western audience. Especially in Bridal fashion, Pakistani designer have broken all records of being creative. They have beautifully experimented on Lehnega choli, Saree, gowns and other styles and given gorgeous shape, pattern and style to the outfit. Suffuse by Sana Yasir is among those artists, who undertaken almost every tradition, culture and style and implemented her ideas very attractively.

 Suffuse Latest Bridal Wear 2018 by Sana Yasir

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Particularly, the CEO of Suffuse has demonstrated the bridal wear in very pleasing way with different techniques. Designer Sana Yasir has detailed the sophisticated fabrics with ancient handicrafts, contemporary cuts and exotic balance of colors. Thus, Suffuse creations have become the most successful in high-end bridal wear line. Her bridal designs reflect charismatic interplay of colors with versatile printing techniques and impeccable embroideries.

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Below we are going to share Suffuse Latest Bridal Wear 2018 by Sana Yasir. In this wedding wear catalog we can see three different cultures infused nicely into western theme.Sana Yasir's Freesia is all about off shoulder tops and fish tail lehengas, angrakha style neck pishwas with lehenga, off shoulder blouse with flowy jacket and two leg pant, floor length maxi and amazing style of Indian Saree. Freesia is taking inspiration from east and west and making a blend of rich bridal attires for contemporary omen.

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Suffuse Latest Collection By Sana Yasir

Suffuse By Sana Yasir Formal Dresses

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Whereas, Amaranthe bridal collection by Sana Yasir is setting it apart with queenly style. It derive inspiration from mughal courts and presenting with modern concept. In Amaranthe wedding fiesta, we can find Anarkali inspired flared frocks, farshi gown, one shoulder maxi, typical nawabi gharara and peplum top, flowy tops with pant and lehnega. Basically, this bridal collection is emphasizing the trend of peplum shirt and gharara pants.

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Suffuse by Sana Yasir's Falaknuma Bridal Dresses

Sana Yasir Latest Bridal Summer Collection

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Falaknuma BRIDAL dresses by Sana yasir are typical Pakistani traditional attires. In colors of red, maroon, gold, silver and Magenta; these bridal dresses are perfectly portraying our rich styles with authentic cuts and embellishments. Falaknuma wedding wear is ideal for your Nikah ceremony and it can make you eye-popping with its lively colors and matchless designs.
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Suffuse by Sana Yasir is iconic haute-couture bridal fashion label of Pakistan. It was founded in 2012 with a primary cause to unveil eclectic taste of Pakistani traditional wear. In very short span, this Lahore based label has got immerse popularity for the utmost creative ideas. Suffuse brings life in ordinary designs with its imagination and experience.
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The way Sana Yasir have added richness in prints, embellishments and style was unseen before suffuse. Today, if aside Sana Yasir caters luxury then other hand, feminism and quality are her key objects. Therefore, her fan-following is increasing rapidly from all around the world. Every lady waits so long to see her beautiful chemistry in luxury pret, semi-formals, and bridal trousseau. Below you can find three matchless yet unique craftsmanship of Sana Yasir added in Suffuse Bridal collection 2017-18; which are Freesia, Amaranthe and Falaknuma.
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