Sapphire Lawn 2017 Vol-1 | Sapphire Summer Collection With Prices

Under the supervision of Nabil Abdullah and KKhadijah Shah, Sapphire presents its another volume of summer collection 2017-18. Sapphire's creations are the symbol of grace and dignity in the fashion world since decade. In fact in the lawn industry, Sapphire is undisputed champion with a right balance of luxury, magnificence and quality in its designs. Though, Sapphire's journey was begun just 2 years ago but in very short time it is dominating the textile industry. Because - Sapphire dresses has the ideal essence of nature, harmony of colors fused with femininity.
Being the prominent figure of Pakistani fashion industry, Sapphire always maintain its forefront position by launching its seasonal catalog's. And for Spring-Summer 2017 we can also find an elegant, dynamic and trendsetting range of Sapphire lawn collection 2017 released on 3rd March, 2017.
In Latest Summer catalogue, Sapphire has introduced exotic, bold and vibrant patterns with soothing bases to make your summer more comfortable by keeping low the body temperature.

Sapphire Lawn 2017 Summer Collection Vol 1 With Prices

6,590 pkr

 Sapphire Lawn Vol 1 2017 Summer Collection

Sapphire's Summer Lawn collection 2017 is a range that people were anxiously waiting because it brings the art, imagination and culture from the eye of Hassan Iqbal Rizvi. Yes! this season Sapphire Lawn 2017 Catalogue's Creative Direction, Typography, Layout Design and Copy-writing is done by none other than HIR. This Lahore based has joined Sapphire in 2015 and given new definition to Sapphire's design chemistry.
In Sapphire Lawn 2017 Vol-1 collection we can find very deep rooted, culture inspired modern design concept with the amalgamation of art. In huge variety of Shirt range, 2-Piece, 3-Piece and four piece suits, each lawn design of Sapphire Summer Collection is presenting versatile story of fashion in economical prices.
1,690 Pkr                  &                            1,690       

1,790 Pkr                  &                              1790     

1,790 Pkr                  &                           1,790        

1,790 Pkr                  &                            1,690       
1,790 Pkr

1,790 Pkr                  &                           2,190        

3,690 Pkr                  &                       2,790            

2,490 Pkr                  &                         4,290          

4,290 Pkr                  &                         3,590          

3,590 pkr
4,590 Pkr                  &                            3,690       

3,690 Pkr                  &                          3,690         

2,690 Pkr                  &                             2,790      

3,990 Pkr                  &                           3,990        

3,990 Pkr                  &                                3,290   
3,590 pkr

5,690 Pkr                  &                         4,590          

2,190 Pkr                  &                        6,590           

1,690 Pkr                        &                            4,890