Crescent Cambric Collection Winter 2016/2017 - Faraz Manan Catalog

Let’s bid farewell to the summer with a luster of baroque fabric entwined with an amalgamation of bold and and dreamy patterns complimenting geometric arrangement of floral elements that render a a painterly nature with a spur of traditional embroidery and detailing. Indulge into bliss with our fall / winter 2016 cambric collection in an awakening of pastel hues and vivid imagery this season.
Crescent has completed its many successful journey under the creative and skillful designer philosophy. He was the man who nicely run two distinct labels and let the world know that how remarkable Pakistani fashion is. Yes! None other than Faraz Manan  who played major role in acknowledgement of crescent on the international level. His matchless skills, influencing philosophy and distinct designing formula are still exist with crescent lawn but now titled as "My Crescent". After getting its new identity crescent brings its first winter cambric collection 2016-17 for women. Let's have a closer view what it is highlighting and what makes it influencing.

Crescent Cambric Fall-Winter 2016-17

As every women dream for out-class closet that is chic, refreshing and reflect the seasonal charm. Another wish of fashion savvy women is the dress she is going to buy should be affordable with all its trendy and exclusive features. So in latest cambric winter collection, faraz manan is centralizing the common behavior of customer.
Through, in new cambric designs, designer faraz manan is adding deep rich hues, soft and warm fabric along with intricate interplay of thread work. In unstitched cambric collection, crescent is catering the needs of modern women by keeping the exclusivity of fashion and perfection of quality.
This carefully manufactured winter cambric catalog by crescent 2016-17 match with your desires and setting a new yet pleasant trend for fall season.

Faraz Manan Crescent Cambric Catalog Winter 2016/2017