NISHA Eid Collection 2016-17 | Garden of Delights by Nishat Linen

Nishat linen presents the finest and the most modest catalog for upcoming festive season. NL eid collection is celebrating the great values of culture with modern theme in festive lawn 2016. When scorching heat is not allowing to wear fancy and heavy clothes at that time you can feel breezy and easy in nishat sultry fabric. It's iconic dresses let you to enjoy every glorious moment with vintage moods keep you close to your heritage. Incorporating theme that represents female spirit of modern women while strongly balancing the traditional touch. In eid festive lawn edition, nishat linen is giving you supreme composition of textile industry with the mystery of rich elements. Sheer fabric of ultra chic chiffon, silk and lawn determine the best seasonal trend through the dynamic prints and its intricate detailing.
Both playful and sophisticated in its appeal, this eid lawn catalog of fabric and pret by NL brings skilfully designed bold, exotic and creative summer semi formal and party attires. The clothes are versatile enough to be worn through the day which can easily tradition into ones to be worn for a night out.

NISHA Garden of Delights Eid Collection 2016-17

Nishat eid collection is offering you best accentuated fabric of its history such as shibori motifs, dramatic effects and eclectic styles all are designed to give you a harmonious closet.
The cool and airy tones are step away from those wintery hues and are perfect for summer refreshment. So let's bring fresh feel in festival closet by nishat linen eid pret and fabric 2016 with prints that adjoined by baroque inspired patterns and embroidered motifs.

NISHAT LINEN Eid Collection 2016-2017 

NISHA Garden of Delights Eid Collection 2016-17NISHA Garden of Delights Eid Collection 2016-17

NISHA Eid Collection 2016-17

NISHA Eid Collection 2016-17