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Nishat present summer lawn collection volume-2 of 2016 with the wide choice of prints that inspired by the spring/summer catwalk shows earlier this year. More then ever, this season has a strong message - one of individuality, and rich craftsmanship. All these qualities are famously epitomized by Pakistani creativity, so where better to showcase the collection than along the blue waters and golden sands, the grassy slopes and fresh water springs so reminiscent of those summer getaways. Although many of the Pakistani designers are great exemplars of this move towards a precious, almost one-off feel, it is trend that is by no means confined to Pakistan. From designers studio worldwide came an exotic blend; Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Louis Vuitton all celebrated exponents of the rich haute-heirloom style. All created beautiful clothes that will be influences of how we dress this summer.

Nishat Linen Lawn Catalog / Magazine 2016-2017

This quintessential stylish Pakistani women is someone who no matter which way she is styles, never becomes a catwalk cookie cutter figure, but retains her own look. That's what's great about Nishta - it keeps moving with fashion but let;s you decide. This year NL SUMMER 2016 II LOOKBOOK table of content based on Minty Fresh, To dye for, Summer Glam, Spicfe Trail, Pretty Pastels, Get patch to work, The Rabari touch, Patterns Parade, The wild side, Shades of blue, pretty in pink, The silk route, Stripe Mania, Brush Strokes, Soft Sentiments, Color Story, Seeing Spots, X-ray Vaganza, My Fair Lady, Culture Remix, Fair connection, Graphic Boom, Texture treats, Minimal and Asian.

Nishat Lawn 2016 Summer Collection with Prices

This second volume of summer collection 2016 is for women who want to explore other cultures and appropriate their traditional design processes, which is the an objective of this collection. Incorporating themes, which are strongly inspired by the female spirit, in which the modern women of today is the indisputable protagonist.
While designing the nisha summer collection 2016 volume 2 prints, the designer team of Nishat linen has put great attention and consideration to supreme composition, the vibrancy of colors, the organic forms and the appreciation of textile design. In giving each print the Nishat Linen touch, no efforts have been spared as with each of them there is a framework of different layers and an element of a mystery or surprise. The variety and depth of colors stories that are told in summer collection 2016 are the most varied and sentimental in a long time.
Soft fabrics of ultra-feminine chiffon, silk and lawn with statement prints determine the look of this collection for the summer. Whether elegant and contained or wildly decorated , technical or natural the main thing is a true statement and soul. This soul presents itself in a romantic light with soulful styles, finishing and dyes.

Nisha Lawn 2016 Vol 2 Dresses with Price

Nisha Summer Lawn Vol-II 2016-2017Nisha Summer Lawn Vol-II 2016-2017

Nisha Summer Lawn Vol-II 2016-2017

Nishat Linen Catalog / Magazine

Nishat Linen Catalog / Magazine

Nishat Linen Catalog / Magazine