Kalyan Lawn by ZS Textiles 2016 Vol-3 | Kalyan Embroidered Summer Dresses

ZS textile the sub-brand of Shariq textiles has became most convenient shopping destination this year. It has extensive designs under the label of Kalyan, Maira Ahsan, Alisha Memon, AEISHA VARSEY and Sahil. But Kalyan is synonymous of most contemporary apparel. In the extensive lawn collections, Kalyan is economical range and ideal semi formal clothing for women.  ZS textiles aim is to make you look sophisticated and give you a feeling of prestige.
That is why Kalyan designer lawn has been introduced because is encircle the most demanding elements of fashion. Femininity, elegance and quality that portray style and durability as key element. Few hours ago, Zs Textile Kalyan Lawn Collection 2016 Vol-3 has been announced with 25 masterpieces.

Kalyan Lawn Suits 2016 online from ZS Summer Collection

Kalyan lawn vol-3 is composition of bold and shocking hues taken from the eastern aesthetic and mixed into soft neutral tones. The designer team of Kalyan lawn 2016-17 volume-3 has keep the temperature in mind and brought such embellishments that not give you a heavy look. Apart from exquisite and versatile features 80/80 lawn fabric has been used. Kalyan summer embroidered collection is a style that let you to be noticed with its modern trims.

The key attribute of Kalyan summer lawn vol-3 is that style team has also detailed the trousers and duptta's with embroidery. That has enhanced the overall dresses look and made it evening formals of summer. So let's break the rules and become fashion icon for other by wearing Kalyan Embroidered Summer Collection 2016 by ZS Textiles.

 Kalyan Embroidered Summer Dresses Vol-3 2016/17 9 k

Kalyan Lawn by ZS Textiles 2016 Vol-3Kalyan Lawn by ZS Textiles 2016 Vol-3

Kalyan Lawn by ZS Textiles 2016 Vol-3

Kalyan Embroidered Summer Dresses

Kalyan Embroidered Summer Dresses