SHIRIN HASSAN Block Print Lawn Collection Summer 2016-2017 Vol-1

Colors are key object in Pakistani wardrobe; bright and soft colors depict happier mood, bold and shocking shades portray naughty and dull colors give sad impression. That is why every season, Pakistani brands look forward to introduce a trend that match with weather qualities. Such as in summer spring, when we desire to express comfortable, confident and elegance then we feel happy in colorful, soothing and nature inspired shades. Wrapping up our personality according to experts advise is also our first choice because this is a common view that Pakistani designer have good sense of fashion.
SHIRIN HASSAN - is one of the popular female designer. Her name is prominent among prestigious artists and her distinct color combination is key object of fame. Shirin Hasan Lawn reminds us emotion of the season, sentiments of the culture and tribute of the Pakistani art. Thus, almost every from us love to experiment Shirin Hassan lawn dresses to feel enchanting.

SHIRIN HASSAN Lawn Collection Summer 2016-2017 Vol-1

So let's show you most recent Block print 2016 by Shirin Hasan, This is an ideal transformation of pakistani ancient block art in contemporary way.
If aside she has shown as norms of pakistani in art then other hand with bold, vivid, subtle and exciting colors. she has tried to reflect diverse mood of pakistani fashion.
SHIRIN HASSAN Block Printed Lawn Collection 2016 catalog features 9 designs available in 3-piece suits format. Each design is having exemplary style with lovely floral and bunches style embroidery detailing. This is a colorful lawn fashion because the designer has used more then 3 to 4 colors in each outfits. I am sure that you will like exclusive number of SHIRIN HASSAN Block print 2016 launching on 24th March. Buy Here

 Shirin Hassan Spring Summer Lawn Vol-1 2016