New Kurta Designs 2016-2017 Trend In India And Pakistan for Women

Like many other styles, kurta and tunics for women are also under modification process. Because this all time favorite attire has helped to grow many eminent brands and develop into leading groups. That is major reason why we see that almost every brand is giving particular attention in designing kurta fashion for women. Kurti or kurta are not only popular in Pakistan as well as favorite womenswear of indian ladies. In India - kurti tunic trend is rapidly growing with each passing day and recognised as youth wear. Indian and Pakistan are neighbour countries and have little cultural differences; we mean to say that both countries have similar dress up and taste. Though indian national dress is Saree but it's limited to ancestors or as party wear. In daily routine shalwar kameez inspired Pakistani kurta designs are very prominent there. Indian girls like to wear long Kurta with jeans and short Kurti with patiala and dhoti shalwar. As far as Pakistan is concern then kurta fashion is also well known and mostly girls adopt it with leggings, palazzo and pants.

What is the reason of popularity of kurta fashion trends in Pakistan and India?
The major reason of rapid popularity of kurta design in fashion of India and Pakistan is, its very unique and modernly generated layouts by designers. Few more prominent reasons are its long and short trims, fancy embellishments and different culture or lifestyle fuse. Such as Poncho is best example in Kurta fashion of women which has Egyptian, gulf and middle east inspired style on wide variety of Fabrics. Another great example of short ladies kurta is tunic, in which we can see tail tunic, drop corner and other funky tunics. Frock kurta and baggy kurta are also such styles that helped Kurta to become famous in women wardrobe.
Best And Top Ladies Kurta Designs 2016?
How we can judge that any kurta design is most favorite of women when almost every style is selling equally? On that time designer has challenge to break the influence and attract the women with new kurta collection. As last year, Tail Long Kurta and Drop Corner Kurta Designs were very distinguished and almost every closet had these patterns in India and Pakistan. But as 2016 arrived then our south asian designers have tried to heeded there-self in making New Ladies Kurta Designs 2016-2017 and finally here is outcome in form of fancy and funky kurtas. 

 Readymade Online Kurtis
Poncho jacket's another style which is very common in Pakistan is Cape proved it ultimate for party wear. Poncho is really great addition in kurta trend of India and Pakistan and  fringed poncho, belt poncho, short poncho and cable roll neck baggy poncho's are really worth wearing items.
Poncho Kurta Designs 2016-2017
 Latest Kurtis Online
Funky Chiffon Kurti Fashion

Latest Kurta Designs 2016-2017 Fashion In India And Pakistan for Women is effort of many big fashion giants. They have made it in eastern way and brought very elegant concept. The kurta collection is best for any season due to its fabric selection. On which the artisans have not only applied embroideries as well as decorated with best tailoring styles. Moreover indian / Pakistani designers have tried to make it for both formal wear and casual wear. Therefore colors selection also depicts bold to simply rich color combination with minimal embellishments. Let's have a look at Latest Kurti Designs 2016-2017 For Women of Indian & Pakistan.
 New Embroidered Black Kurti Collection 2016
White LOng Kurta & Yellow Kurti Designs 2016

V Daaman White Kurta Designs

 Drop Cornet Kurta with Embroidery

 Best Kurta Trend In India And Pakistan for Women

Jacket Kurta / Koti Kurta / Frock Kurta

 Funky Kurtis 2016
 Office Wear Ladies Kurtas
 New Kurta Designs 2016-2017 for Girls


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