Gul Ahmed Lamis Digital Silk 2016 Winter Collection Catalog

Gul ahmed Fashion is going to launch winter special catalog as Lamis Digital Silk Collection on 2nd January 2016. This season lamis silk 2016 will be an bold, catchy, magnificent and exclusive evening wear style. It will allow you to discover the new meaning of fashion with glamour and rich patterns. Gul ahmed who sets strong influence on Pakistani women's mind has tried to deliver high-end fashion with distinct artsy under the certification of Gul ahmed. Ideas and gul ahmed has accentuated the winter silk dresses in meaningful manner in order to maintain the impression over fashionistas. In sneak peek of Lamis Silk 2016, Gul ahmed has revealed just 5 designs but Clothing9 has unveiled full catalog of Lamis silk dresses 2016. And if we closely look at lamis collection then it is perfect for outdoor activities of day and night both. Because it is having the great amalgamation of textures from tribal mixed in floral, vintage laces inspired paisleys, maps, deserts, forest, birds, architecture or famous buildings, symbols of clock, keys, lamps, autum leaf perfectly sprinkled through gold and jewel tones. 

Gul Ahmed Lamis Digital Silk 2016 Winter Collection Catalog 

Gul ahmed has opted state of the art in lamis silk collection in quite impressive way and added with contemporary appeal. The colors which have been applied in lamis are most admired in western society and known as royal shades. Gul ahmed silk winter collection 2016 is an elegant crafted fashion that have balance and power of extravagant and royalty. Its exquisite designs and quality silk fabric has aesthetic power and exotic gems fascination which deserve special shout out in Lamis Digital Silk 2016 Winter Collection catalog. So get ready to impress the world by opting the silk dress fashion from Gul ahmed Silk 2016-17.

Make it you everyday style of party wear, now its up to you that how you want to adopt the gul ahmed fashion in winters. It is my advise that wear Lamis Digital Silk Collection by Gul Ahmed as your formal style and get complimented in crowd. Stay tuned clothing9 online fabric store to book your lamis silk outfits now.

2016 Lamis Digital Silk Winter Collection by Gul-Ahmed