Maria B Cotton Dresses For Fall Winter Collection 2015-16

Maria b cotton winter collection for girls is in stores now. Winter is about to start and being a women - how you can forget winter shopping? No way! we can forget to take the dinner or lunch but never miss the shopping activity because we are diva. And Maria b designer is a vital fashion personality who keeps alive diva in us. As numerous designers have drastically get acclaimed for winter trends; so how Maria b left behind to be in spotlight? So finally, Maria.B is ready to snatch your hearts with winter cotton dresses. Cotton in luxury style - yes! the artist has impressively modified the ordinary cotton fabric with great efforts. The new winter line by Maria b is influencing blend of quality and sophistication enriched with unseen comfort. This is unstitched fabric line adorned with delicate florid embroideries bunched and boti's and bold prints.

Maria B Cotton Collection 2015-16 Winter Dress

Maria b most favorite trend setter of Pakistani women, her inspiring thoughts, influencing modification of classy styles and beautiful use of handicrafts are major elements that lead her toward success and fame. Every winter season, she take start with Indian pashmina or linen collection, but this fall winter 2015-16; MARIAB has offered winter cotton collection 3 piece suits decorated with bold and distinct embroideries. 

Maria B Winter Collection 2015-16 Cotton Casuals