Gul Ahmed Linen Dress Design 2015-16 | Fall Winter Vol-1 Linen Collection

Gul ahmed has offered wide linen collection as fall winter formal and informal wear option. Winter is also most celebrated season like summer or spring. The major reason is great variety of fabrics, romance of dark colors like blue and black. Actually winter period realize us that how much God gifted we are with fabrics like wool and Pashmina. And other side our designers know how to evolve these exquisite clothes into modern styles. In fact Pakistan is the land of skillful people, matchless brands and distinct culture and norms. Especially when we wear woolen clothes in winter then we feel classy, comfortable and extra warmth. we should be thankful of Almighty Allah that he has blessed us such unique stuff. Today we are showing you a creativity of most favorite, old and original pioneer of fashion. Who has exclusively unveiled the winter fall catalog 2015-2016. Yes! Non other then Gul ahmed - It is the only label who made crazy to women. Because gul ahmed provides most valued trend prediction with visual strategies. Recent Gul ahmed winter magazine is beautiful visual treat for fashionistas due to its very pretty and out class description to our traditional silhouette 'Shawar Kameez' in Gul ahmed winter Linen collection.

Gul Ahmed FW Linen Dress Collection 2015-16 Volume-1

Gul ahmed linen 2015-16 is available in 5 distinct formats ( Digital linen shirts, printed linen suits, twill linen fabric, embroidered linen and Acrylic viscose). Each format is keeping the versatile elements as key features. In digital linen we can see geometric shapes drawn with multi colors on mosaic and check samples for us. Printed linen includes 3 piece simply dyed and floral patterned fabric having the appeal of aesthetic colors. Gul ahmed winter twill linen collection is have strong wool fibers, rich colors and reliable cuts. Embroidered linen suits by gul ahmed are formal wear having the exquisite play of thread with alluring colors and bases have been patterned with bold textures. A
crylic Viscose is very unique source of linen fabric especially made for northern areas citizens where winter means freezing temperature, snowfall and unbearable coldness. So overall gul ahmed winter linen collection 2015-16 have casual, formal and regular wear style in 3 piece and shirt designs.