Firdous Conventional Printed Linen Winter 2015-16 Catalog with Prices

Paris Linen collection 2015-16 volume-2 by firdous is available for pre booking in 2300 Pkr. Being in fashion is very strenuous situation, it needs lots of effort to accomplish the demand of fashionistas. We have to deal with skillful minds, quality and artsy in proper way to create unique characteristics in a simple design. Especially inspiration is key of fame and if a designer or brand utilise it with universal beauty and modern technology then the favoritism from clients for the brand constantly goes-up. In Pakistan, several brands are treating the fashion savvy girls with quite impressive weaving, printing and nicely embellished designs such as Firdous Textiles. It has brought unique and culture dedicated designs on the canvas of fashion for every season. Their excellent quality in very plush and high-end styles are really admiring. As you know that few days ago, Firdous has started winter journey and brought a printed linen range as Paris linen. Which was a contemporary version of prints. But today we have a conventional printed linen dresses for winter 2015-16 from the house of fashion (Firdous). Paris Linen Conventional 2015-16 is something which describe ancient folk, tribal, ajrak, block prints, abstract, and old architecture inspired prints through bold and darker hues.

Firdous : Paris Linen Conventional 2015-16

The thing which make it different is play of colors and ethnic textures with aesthetic charm and sophistication. This is Paris linen Vol-2 2015-2016 as conventional winter wear that is an alluring printed line for girls. Whether you want a graceful casual or splendid and comfortable office wear; these Paris conventional linen will warm you and make your day especial. You can opt it for Sunday chill out or hang up of evenings with friends. Moreover extensive variety of designs and color option in linen will provide a imaginary discovery of classic fashion with pure eastern style. So adopt the Firdous Conventional Printed Linen this winter and let the world know how sober is your tatse and how much you are close to your traditions. 

Firdous Winter Linen Collection 2015-16 Catalog with Prices