Hues of Winter - Kayseria Winter Collection 2015-2016 Dresses Catalog

Kayseria is recalling ancient fashion beauty in new winter collection 2015-16 catalog as unstitched fabric and pret with authentic purity. 'Hues of Winter' is another unique approach of style and fashion prepared by Kayseria to rekindle old flames in crafts conscious and creative winter 2015 collection. These winter hues are strangely satisfying due to its holistic design and agree you to stay committed with Kayseria at every celebration. This flawless blend of art and craft of the lands trying to capture the true essence and pay a honest tribute with originality of charm and native art form. Whether you fall for the Palestinian olive branches or the Kashmiri saffron flowers, the Uzbek Suzani Pomegranate or the chintz tiles with source of floral. You will bestow appreciation on a tradition that encompasses centuries and express an impeccable taste. Kayseria winter 2015-16 designs are accompanied by purest fabric, laurels of high quality in dye, prints and waves and commitment to excellence every that Kayseria do.

Kayseria Hues of Winter Dresses Catalog 2015-2016 

KAYSERIA Classic-unstitched fabric has an inherent romanticism that comes with traditional motifs that are in use from centuries to adorn the fabric and celebrate the unique magnificence. Kayseria winter woolen collection complies a stunning amalgam of traditional motifs from around the world to become a part of your wardrobe. Kashmiri 'Kashidakari' motifs, traditional found on cashmere wool with a beautiful ode to the local flora and fauna including parrots and woodpeckers, water lies and saffron flowers, cherries, plums and Chinaar leaf to name a few.
Kayseria Pret fabric is recalling the traditional needlework of central Asia, also popular in Iran by the name of Suzan Dozi that display intricacy and stunning attention to detail with delicate disk shapes representing sun and moon, pomegranates, irises and carnation to name a few. Kayseria Pret winter hues 2015-16 also includes Chintz. A traditional Indian glazed calico tile work, concentrating on floral motifs usually containing bright and hyper realistic flower on pale backgrounds. This was later influenced by a European stabilization and became a cross of European, Arab and Indian sensibilities/ Kayseria winter hues fall collection 2015-16 dresses have own traditional values with inspiring historical development that amaze you and you are going to adopt it because it is winter wardrobe need.

Kayseria Winter Cataloge - Embroidered Dress & Shawls / Shrugs for Women