Rungrez Embroidered Chiffon Dresses Fleur-d'amour Eid ul Adha Collection

Fleur d’ Amour (The flowers of Love) is a french gardens inspired eid ul adha festival wear collection. Rungrez had designed this eid embroidered chiffon silk collection to celebrate the season of floral abundance. This is common behavior of Pakistani designers that if any designer brings something unique then every second artist try to experiment with it. Such as take a example of chiffon or silk then Sobia Nazir brought it first for eid ul adha festive. And after that Faraz Manan, Asim Jofa, baroque, embellished, Zunuj chiffon and now Rungrez. Almost all above mentioned names has shown their matchless skills in silk chiffon fashion. Some designer replaced prints, some played with embroideries and few have modified colors or combined with different fabrics. They have not only brought devoted chiffon and silk luxury fashion for girl as well as with unique qualities. Almost every brand has offered two piece embroidered Chiffon dresses except MARIAB. But Rungrez eid collection is carrying 3-piece chiffon silk suits. Rungrez Eid chiffon and silk collection 2015 is available at all retailers.This is premium chiffon collection titles as Fleur d’ Amour.

Rungrez Fleur-d'amour Premium Embroidered Silk/Chiffon Dresses

Rungrez is feminine label; who expressed their love and affection for customers through deep rooted designs. It defines women fashion with true eastern colors and dignity fo culture. Their designs exude artsy sense and elegance to spruce up your personalities in versatile way. With very strong vision and careful design solo, Rungrez started the journey in clothing industry and brought aesthetic fuse with beautiful textures combination to capture our attention. They successfully won clientele hearts, and today it became ultimate chic label of Pakistani women. Here we have a perfection personified silk chiffon premium collection for formal wear and party wear that is sophisticatedly girlish. Amalgamation of lavish tones into bolder hues and ethnic cuts with french floral patterns, Rungrez embroidered chiffon silk dresses Fleur-d'amour eid ul adha Collection will define your diverse and luxe fashion sense without saying a word. You will become complementing character with the hints of magical Fleur-d'amour patterns.

Rungrez Embroidered Eid Silk

rungrez eid collectionrungrez eid collection

rungrez eid Silk collection

rungrez eid Chiffon collectionRungrez Embroidered Chiffon Dresses

Fleur-d'amour Eid ul Adha Collection Fleur-d'amour Eid ul Adha Collection

Rungrez Eid ul Adha Collection