DIY Egg Mask for Blackheads | Natural Blackhead Removal

Blackheads a common issue which spoils beauty of the girl. Though it appears in boys and girls in teenage and persist until we don't cure it. Most common face parts where blackheads appears are chin, nose and below eyes. There are many ways to remove blackheads by mask, extraction, dissolving gel, tools and strips. Apart from professional blackhead treatment, home remedies are also very effective to get rid of blackheads natural way. One of the most popular way of blackhead cure is DIY Egg Mask. Diy egg mask for blackheads is very useful and easy in application. This mask not only help us to get rid from the blackhead problem for long time as well as stop growth of blackheads. So let's know how to make DIY Egg Mask to abolish Blackhead naturally

Get rid from Blackheads with natural DIY Egg Mask

DIY Egg Mask Procedure:
Take an egg and separate the yolk. Because only egg white is your need. Apply the Egg white on blackheads prone areas. After applying egg white by brush on blackhead area place tissue over the egg mask and brush the egg white over the tissue paper again. Now wait for it to dry. After dry peel off the tissue and here is magic that blackheads are gone.