Auj by Adamjee Cambric Autumn Winter Dresses 2015-16 | Women's Casual Wear

What's your choice in fashion this season? Intricately crafted geometric or ethereal combination of French Motifs? Do you want to capture the historical values? If yes! then variation, simplicity and classic theme designs are part of Auj by Adamjee fall winter collection. It is an eternal fashion that features digital surrealism, best color combo and mixing Persian,  Indian, French and Subcontinent motifs on single canvas of Auj Cambric 2015. Auj cambric casual suits of women are defining sublime and serene elements with modern and classic styles. In which auj has complimented the cambric winter dresses with bohemian and urban trends. AUJ fashion has targeted the women wardrobes and really grabbed their souls with high profile dresses. Latest Auj Autumn Winter Women's Casual Dresses 2015 are few worth-mentioning designs of the season. So why not describe every Auj design individually.

Auj Cambric Autumn Winter Dresses 2015 for Women by Adamjee

Auj brought a finely woven soft cotton shirt with monochrome hues. It is Black and white dress combined with chiffon dupatta and adorned with geometric textures. This Noir by Auj will put luxury feel in you.
Auj design no-2 is an ode fashion taking inspiration from “Maqāmāt-uṭ-Ṭuyūr” - a famous poem of 11th century written by Fariduddin Attar’s. This Blue and white dress have play of birds, Persian motifs and luxe compliments of block prints with pretty printed pant and shirt combination.
 White - the greatest exposure of poise and grace by Auj. This all over done fabric have beauty of french motifs and clubbed with deep red dupatta. This Cambric dress is matchless mixture of simplicity and elegance.

This Ajrak inspired design portrays the cultural and heritage revolution. With the Ajrak theme play of traditional colors on shirt and dupatta is really a perfect tribute to eastern aesthetic and art.
Another classic piece with fully embroidered front, printed back and silk dupatta that depicrs finess of color and textures.
Auj by Adamjee Cambric also have sun-glow in autumn winter collection for you. In yellow and treegreen color contrast, this is an ultra chic dress that simply color your dull days.
Live you life with freshness of colors and blossom of gem prints. This sea mint dress have ice blue hues and defined with classic chinoiserie art. This dress also features digital interwoven canvas to add simplicity of glamour.
Again a pretty experiment of oriental fashion and traditional art. This lime yellow dress features ancient art of Ralli / Patch work mixed in motifs and embroidery with 7 pieces style.
A vogue that define itself with its beauty. This Victorian masterpiece is luxe ensemble that can be worn to cherish every festival.
Watercolor, nature and floral - The perfect combination of all must-have elements that re generate harmony and energy in you. With lavender shades, delicate thread work will give you memorable experience of fashion.
This festive season find unique exploration of fall winter fashion through this piece interwoven in finesse. Multi color with sublime embroideries and European Bauhaus that combining geometry and floral will defiantly bring you in spot light.
Let's mix Persia and Indian aroma in wardrobe with harmony og eastern style. This beautiful  and tapestry dress portrays heritage values with nobility and serenity of cultures.
A complimentary dress in Auj cambric midsummer fall winter collection combining the classic theme with authentic appeal. This dress has beautiful embellishment of french motifs and embroidered front fabric with fancy pant.
This design will let you to explore the vibrant beauty of digital prints. Dramatic florals and sky combo hues with silk dupatta will add sheep and lavish lifestyle in winter closet.