Top-3 Best Pakistani Designer Bridal Wear Dresses Fashion 2015-16

Top three best diverse bridal collection 2015-16: In Pakistan almost every type of design recognize as attention grabbing and most beautiful dress. And when it comes to Pakistani wedding dresses than it is sharara, gharara / lehenga, maxi, gowns, choli, kameez or anarkali frock pyjama; every style is dominant. Pakistani bridal wear has not only set distinct position in local buyers as well as in international clientele. This is the main cause of continuously growing scenario of Pakistan bridal wear fashion industry. Because every old designer to new brand is creative. Every bridal designer has individual designing sense and artistic embellishment concept. That's is why almost every girl wish to wear Pakistan bridal dresses on her dream day. As nowadays wedding season is on peak and bridal dresses sell is on top list. So wedding wear trends for brides  and fashion phenomenon is also changing. Few Pakistani designer are highlighting ancient element, few targeting royal and queenly style and few are modifying classic signature bridal designs. Indeed very interesting situation, millions of designs, innovative bridal styles and modern plus appealing. Here you can see Pakistani bridal wear wedding dresses collection which will show you new and fresh harmony of bridal fashion trends. 
 Today we have selected three bridal retailers designs. These brands are prominent in fashion with modern aesthetic fuse, innovative bridal wear fashion and east cum west modification.

  1. Erum Khan Reminiscence  Bridal Collection 2015
  2. Mehroze Haute Couture La Belle Époque Wedding Wear 2015
  3. Shakir's Fashion new Eastern Bridal Dresses Fashion 2015-16

Double Shirt Design - Shoulder less Dress Style
Erum khan bridal collectionErum khan bridal collection
Erum Khan bridal wear 2015 are paying the tribute to eastern  craftsmanship, embroideries and exquisite aesthetic and also underlining western modification. Erum khan has played with Indian ghagra choli, Pakistani long shirt lehenga and maxi gown layouts, in which she has customized Indian cholis with u shape waist cut jackets and floral embroidered skirts. Erum khan bridal collection with Pakistani inspiration is showing off the luxury and most rich royal style of over gone ages in modern way. Though her maxi designs are representing western culture with trims and design quality. Such as Ankle length gowns with net neckline and shoulders and sleeveless cum shoulder less long prom dress in frock inspiration. Erum Khan bridal wedding wear collection 2015 is one of the magical and enchanting range for both culture lovers and ultra chic fashionistas.

Pakistani Frock Style
Erum Khan bridal wedding wear collection 2015

Mehroze Haute Couture Avant Garde Bridal Dresses 2015

Mehroze Haute Couture Bridal Dresses 2015Mehroze Haute Couture Bridal Dresses 2015

La Belle Epoque Bridal collection designed by Mehroze Haute Couture. The la Belle Époque collection illustrates the high end fashion of golden age of Belle Époque. Defining the notable era of history with unrestrained indulgence in exquisite.  With the concept of Avant Garde, Mehroze Couture has artistically bejewelled the clothes with intricate embellishment. La Belle Epoque is marking the essence of delusion and reverie.La Belle Epoque stimulate the nostalgic memories of span theatricality and characterize the wistful affection.
La Belle Epoque Bridal collection
 Short Shirt / Ankle Length Kameez with Pencil Trouser
La Belle Epoque Bridal collection

Long Anarkali Umbrella Frock with Open Style
 Traditional Bridal Forck in Pakistan
Shakirs Fashion Bridal Wear Dresses 2015 for MIdsummer
Shakirs Fashion is another feminine charm developer of Pakistani fashion world. It defines new standard of glamour and gilts. When it comes to describe bridal fashion trends for new season then utterly innovative and fresh is basic ideology of the store. This wedding extravagant is full of ethnicity and ancient feel in Shakirs fashion bridal wear collection 2015. It is paying tribute to royal lifestyle and prestigious handicrafts of artisans. Shakirs fashion with its very elegant and exotic bridal theme is leaving long lasting charm on your mind. Purely traditional, classic appeal and aesthetic flow is making ideal to Shakirs Designer Bridal Wear Dresses Fashion 2015-16 for Pakistani Brides.

Pishwas Frocks Formal Suits

 Two Shaded Shirt Style