Ayesha Chottani Lawn Midsummer Dress Collection 2015 by Shariq

Newly, Shariq textiles has announced Ayesha Chottani midsummer collection. In new arrival, shariq designed embroidered eid dresses 2015 for celebrations of eid festival. Though Shariq has titled it as Ayesha Chottani midsummer dresses 2015 but actually is for eid ul adha festival. Because Eid is a religious festival for Muslims,they celebrate it with religious and social harmony. Every muslim prepare oneself for this delightful event. Eid is blessing of Almighty Allah. So, young girls and ladies start shopping for their eid day dress at first stage. They search for innovative and traditional dresses for eid occasion. And their choices ends on easy to carry, modern and comfortable dresses.

Although, almost every fashion and clothing retailer is busy in creating new and stylish attires for eid ul azha. But Shariq has unveiled Ayesha Chottani Eid 2015 collection. In which we can observe that shariq was fully heeded to satisfy their customers about eid dresses. Because Ayesha Chottani eid dress collection is highlighting classy trends with contemporary styles. In fact designer ayesha chottani and shariq textiles want that their fans must have trendy and elegant look on eid day. That's why; they have introduced matchless and outstanding beautiful ensembles in collaborating with each other. Ayesha Chottani lawn mid-summer dress collection 2015 by Shariq is focusing on basic wish of women. Ayesha Chottani eid ul adha 2015 collection has been evolved according to nature of woman that she always wants to look smart and gorgeous. Therefore; the emerging fashion icon ayesha chottani and most leading textile Shariq have launched extraordinary rich, new and elegant midsummer collection. Ayesha Chottani embroidered eid dresses 2015 are perfectly suitable for formal events and social gatherings of young girls.

Shariq Textiles Eid Dress Collection 2015

 Shariq Textiles Eid Dress Collection 2015

Ayesha Chottani eid dresses 2015 by Shariq

Ayesha Chottani Eid 2015 collection by Shariq

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Ayesha Chottani Embroidered Dresses 2015 by Shariq

Ayesha Chottani Midsummer Eid Dresses 2015

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