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Alkaram Studio Mid-Summer Cambric Dress Catalogue 2015-2016 / Magazine

Alkaram midsummer dress collection 2015 has been officially disclosed. Alkaram studios - the famous and prestigious household name has launched midsummer lawn catalog 2015. This catalog is officially titled as 'a journey through the sea' Rangon ki Dunya. Because you can see beautiful inspiration of Greece shores and Turkish coasts with natural hints of colors. This festival and midsummer; alkaram has decided to amaze you with unseen beauty of nature with its authentic color scheme. 

Alkaram Cambric Catalogue 2015 Magazine
In latest midsummer dresses catalog, alkaram is revealing that how nature present itself in summer season. How shores welcome the summer, how wild flowers bloom to say a warm HI and how Greece and Turkish people say hello to new season. Al-Karam textiles is disclosing unimaginable colors and glory of Turk and Greece lifestyles in new lawn collection. In Alkaram Midsummer Collection 2015, they have not forgotten to enrich the luxe and flawless appeal of east. Alkaram midsummer lawn catalog 2015 with beauty of sea shores also offering the aesthetic with real charisma.
This midsummer alkaram lawn has seven main niches including wide range of unstitch fabric and ready to wear. The key labels are embroidered lawn suits, printed fabric and digital shirts.

Alkaram Lawn Midsummer Ready to Wear Collection 2015

Alkaram Studio Mid-Summer Suit Designs

Alkaram Studio Mid Summer Collection 2015-16 Includes....
  • Ready to Wear, 
  • Bold impression, 
  • Pretty in Pink, 
  • Shades of summer, 
  • Strike a Pose, 
  • Kurti collection,
  • Cool Blues,
Fabrics Parts
  • 2 Piece
  • 3 Piece
  • Shirt Piece
Fabrics in Shirts
  • Cambric
Fabric in Dupatta
  • Cambric
  • Dobby
  • Lawn
Fabrics in Bottom / Shalwar
  • Cotton
  • Lawn
Designing Features in Alkaram midsummer lawn 2015
  • Digital Fabric
  • Embroidered Fabric
  • Printed Fabric

Price Starts from - PKR1250
Prices End on     - PKR3250

Alkaram Midsummer Dress Collection 2015

  • Alkaram Midsummer 2-Piece Lawn Collection 2015
Lawn Dupatta
2.5 Meter Shirt
Extra Sleeves
2 Meter Separate Embroidered Border

Alkaram Midsummer 2-Piece Lawn Collection 2015

  • Alkaram Midsummer 3-PieceCollection 2015
Digital Cambric Dupatta
1.25 Meter Digital Cambric Front
1.25 Meter Digital Cambric Back
Extra Digital Cambric Sleeves
Dyed Shalwar
Alkaram Midsummer 3-PieceCollection 2015 Alkaram Midsummer Collection 2015

Alkaram Mid-Summer Catalogue 2015-2016 / Magazine

Alkaram Mid-Summer Collection 2015-2016

Alkaram Studio Mid-Summer Cambric Dress

  • Alkaram Midsummer Kurti Collection 2015
2.5 Meter Shirt With Embroidered Neckline
Extra Sleeves

Alkaram Midsummer Kurti Collection 2015Alkaram Midsummer Shirt Collection 2015


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