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Top-10 Best Valuable Fashion Designers of World | Luxury Clothing Brands

Eminent Fashion designers of the world list in Top-10. Looking beautiful and highly sophisticated is more then wish now. These days fashion is need to get success in different parts of life. That's is global fashion industry on its rapid growing pace. It is producing dresses to transform common persona into extra ordinary stylish. Because everyone don't have idea that what's suits them. Especially wealthy or upper society citizens are more trend conscious. They want high end fashion in lesser time without so much efforts. That's why they prefer designer collections for then. Today, fashion world is filled with so many dress makers, jewellery designer and accessories manufacturers. It's means status conscious have wide options to select their dress, jewellery and footwear in limited time. But among all few designer clothes  makers are known as leader of the industry. Who played significant role to give new dimension to the clothing sector. These brands are most favorite of celebrities and richer people. The top ten international fashion designers are as below...

Top-10 Best Valuable Fashion Designers of World

 10. Marc Jacob

The American fashion designer Marc Jacob is very popular one among others. Its versatile and classic American style has given hype among fashionistas. Marc Jacob is also the founder of the brand Louis Vuitton. In luxury brand and best leather products manufacturers; mark Jacob designs are priceless edition. His leather products, sunglasses, shoes and jewelry are most appreciated items. With all his skills and smart craftsmanship he stands on 10 position in most famous international fashion designers.

9. Betsey Johnson
Betsey Johnson the nominee in  “Fashion Walk of Fame” is our ninth famous designer of the world. She designs ensembles, scarves, handbags, jewellery and lots more. Her career is also contains very splendid products and her articles define unseen magic of prints and patterns. She won “coty Award” for her matchless cum flaw less creations. Betsey Johnson deserves to be in most famous designers of the world list.

8. Kate Spade
Second brand run by female and included in top ten fashion designers if the world. Kate spade is head of “Kate Spade New York”. She is our eighth most popular fashion designer of the world. She design handbags, accessories and many more for women's. She steeped in fashion after getting graduate degree in journalism from Arizona state university. Her brand is greater source to find shoes, eye wear, perfumes, stationary, purse and clothes. along with purse and handbags.

7. Tom Ford
Tom Ford owns Perry Hills, Tom Ford, Cathy Hardwick, Yves saint Laurent and Gucci. The three very pivotal fashion brands are property of Tom. In most expensive Fashion brand Gucci is on no-1. Tom ford is the fashion designer who not only proved him a luxe manufacturer as well as best director of any firm. He won best “menswear designer of the year” award from American fashion designers council, Glaad media award for designing silhouettes for the movie“A single man”. Tom Ford ranks on seventh as most famous fashion designer of the world.

 6. Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier is on sixth position with very luxury and style depicting fashion. This popular French fashion Designer has established two major brands. Hermes and Jean Paul Gauliter both represent very meticulous and high quality craftsmanship of this unique designer. “Enfant terrible” is famous style technique. He gathered experience from brands like Jean Patou, Jacques Esterel and Pierre Cardin.

 5. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is the legendary fashion designer of the world ranked on fifth in most popular brands. He gained fame by designing polo inspired logo for women. He is master of designing classic style suits for men. Polo Ralph Lauren is very famous niche of RL. Fashionistas like his polo shirts with short sleeves which was developed in 1972.  In west people thinks that wardrobe beauty remain silent without Ralph Lauren designs. Thus everyone keeps one of two pairs of this famous fashion designer of the world.

 4. Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is the label of French female designer. She secured fourth number in most famous designer of the world with her brilliance and astonishing skills. Her designs portray uniqueness and supreme elegance. The award of using corsets in dresses goes to coco Chanel. Being a 4th most famous fashion designer of the world, style and comfort are basics of Coco Chanel. Nowadays it only knows as Chanel.

 3. Giorgio Armani - introducing new trends and being with aesthetic of west is pivotal aspect of GA costumes.
Giorgio Armani has started his brand in the age of 18 in 1970. His success pace rate was very high and very limited time he become long of western fashion world. “Armani” is very famous Italian fashion brand who always approached in market with new trends. This outstanding designer has criticized under 18 models and banned for modelling. Giorgio Armani begun his career from Italy with a fashion house name “Armani Exchange”. Armani with almost 45 years fashion experience and many labels stands on third in most popular dress designer of the world.

2. Valentino Garavani - He is the rightful possessor designer of the world. He own “Valentino spa”, which illustrates matchless craftsmanship of popular fashion designer Valentino Garavani. This Italian fashion designer earned great fame and prominency in the world with high end apparel designing for politicians and Hollywood celebrities. His unique designer costumes specially in couture has satisfied customers and gained their trust. He is the man who also introduced 3D website for clientele. VG nominated as second in the list of top ten best fashion designer of the world.

1. Calvin Klein - CK is No-1 fashion designer of the world with his brilliant and unforgettable fashion sense.
Calvin Klein was found in 1968 and became superpower cloth manufacturer in very short span. This famous and popular fashion designer of the world has started its operations from New York ( the Queen City of USA ) with wide variety if coats. CK unique coats collection for men and women has played important role in success. This today CK is nominated top most wanted fashion designer in international market.


World's Top Ten Luxury Clothing Brands / Fashion Designers

This was the very careful and unique review of the top ten best fashion designers. These fashion designers are ideal source of style for status conscious people of modern and glamorous world. Rich people always dress up these brands to look very unique and gorgeous. Because of lesser fashion awareness as well as busy schedule. So these brands are providing fashion consultancy and assist them what is suitable and what not. Though out of budget for common community so they can try new and reasonable designers. If you want to wear like same then replicas are good option for you. Where you can get smartest and duplicate designer wear in prefer ready-to-wear format.


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