Taana Baana Phulkri Lawn Eid Festival Collection 2015 - Summer Casual Dresses

Phulkri Eid 2015 by Taana Baana catalog dresses have been stocked in outlets. Phulkari is the sub label of Taana Baana, an eastern unstitched fabric manufacturer group and leading textile contributor of every season. It sets distinct value among trendsetting clothing brands. This most awaited label launched Phulkari eid summer casual dresses collection 2015 at taana baana. This collection is combination of lawn and beautiful summery hues, catchy prints and fresh styles. Because these things are essential in festival wear. 
Taana Baana Eid Dress Collection 2015 - New Dresses Arrivals
Phulkari Taana baana eid lawn dress collection 2015 is composed of gradient tones, solid contrast lawn fabric. In which designer has followed their  signature design melody to indicate distinguished features. Phulkari eid lawn by taana baana  has also been adorned with embroideries in unpretentious way to restrained good taste. Further tasteful styles are like glory and pleasantness in taana baana lawn eid collection. This is an unstitched festival wear series contains 3-pieces embroidered suits. In which shirt is printed cum embroidered, dyed shalwar and dupatta made by chiffon. Phulkari eid summer casual dresses collection 2015 are best eid morning and day wear when you find yourself overbusy in guests and home duties. 
Taana Baana Phulkari Eid Collection 2015
Taana baana is a best traditional wear for women which is economical and trendy. Especially in summer it's dedication to floral art and eastern textures pays ideal tribute and add charm in our wardrobes. Who doesn't like flowers majesty, it is undeniable fact that floral power refresh our mood and plays vital role to make prominent fashion. When it comes to summer festival eid attires then floral beauty is extremely necessary. So at that time Taana Baana Dresses for Phulkari considered perfect festive fashion and seasonal wear. Just 5 weeks left in arrival of eid ul fitr occasion and beat is also on full swing.
Phulkari eid lawn collection 2015 by taana baana is wise choice. Because it's soothing bold color scheme is ideally demonstrating festival tones. Over that contrast prominent patterns are adding glory. Further highlight of thread embroidery is chilling the vivaciousness and complimenting with high end chicness. And professional modern sewing ideas are completing the phulkari by taana baana eid lawn dress collection. That's why we find it a eastern casual fabric which meets tradition, modernity and inspiring styles. Let's forget the worries and wear comfying, relaxing lawn prints of phulkari this season and be distinct fashion lover.  So getting a casual eid dress from Phulkari will make you refreshing and floral accentuated character.

Taana Baana Phulkri Lawn Eid Festival Collection 2015-16