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Cynosure Summer Collection 2015-16 | Exquisite Silhouette for Parties - Flow LookBook

White color makes perfect contrast with any color, white represent poise and simplicity and those who like white shade reflect their inner taste in like and dislike. Similarly in fashion white is icon of grace, poise and freshness. Thus when any pakistani designer simply want to add purity of east and richness he / she uses white with classic amalgamation. Such Cynosure clothing did in flow LookBook summer 2015. The flow is reflecting rich aesthetic and classy designs of vintage dresses enriched with ancient aroma. Cynosure flow collection is comprises on cultural outfits made in two color combinations such as white with metallic gold, white with blue and white with browns. The shimmery fabric like silk and sheer and soft looks these versatile colors have enhanced the look of classic silhouettes. Cynosure flow LookBook 2015 include simply stylised bell bottom pyjamas with cropped shirts, kurti pants, kurta pajama, shalwar kameez and classic suits. Cynosure summer 2015 dresses with simple and versatile designs bringing chic evening wear with eastern elegance and sophisticated workmanship. In this summer look-book Cynosure has arranged best elegance with glamour on sheer fabrics to create exquisite silhouettes in extremely affordable prices.

Exquisite Attire for Summer

Cynosure Summer - PRET WEAR 2015

Exquisite Silhouette for Parties

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