ZEEN Summer Collection 2015 Volume II | Zeen by Cambridge Lawn 2015-2016 Vol-2

Zeen - the high street label of Cambridge had got top approach in wardrobes due to solid and stylish lawn prints of Vol-1 2015. So, Zeen Woman has continued its fashion journey in 2015 with another Catalog as Volume-2. ZEEN Lawn 2015 Summer Volume II has been displayed with superlative inspiration from moonlight to sunset, sunlight to rainbow and distinct blends of patterns. In chapter 2 of Lawn, Zeen has introduced sober lawn prints in 1-PC - 3-PC with effortless styles and matchless color balance. Nowadays, Being chic and unique are main points to get separate place in fashion market so getting significant sale and value especially in pakistan is tougher then other regions. That is why this summer, Zeen lawn has been introduced with magic of brighter and dark and architecture arts of the china and Beijing. Latest Zeen by Cambridge Lawn Vol-2 2015 for summer is carrying simple lines of Santorini and perfect mix of Asian elements with subtle patterns and fresh hints of elegance.
Summer Lawn Prints by Zeen
Santorini, the quintessential Greek Island with beautiful hillside villages full of brilliant blue domed homes. There every room is always full of light and every breeze smells like a sea.
As summer arrives and temperature rise, So zeen has arranged you day and evening comfort with Lawn prints 2015 in vol/2. Zeen Lawn collection 2015 is reviving blue with charm of light and influence of sea, It is delightful Mediterranean feel in its prints. A little bit of imagination and little bit of customization of zeen is needed to give yourself a Santorini Summer. Zeen Summer Unstitched Shirt Prices are Rs.1,895 and  Unstitched Lawn Suit Prices are 3,295-3,995.
Zeen-Cambridge Summer Lawn Dresses Collection 2015
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