Sobia Nazir Lawn 2015-2016 Collection With Prices Vol-1 Catalog / Magazine

Sobia Nazir's master class in chic! Launching the new spring summer collection on 11th April 2015 and bringing Prime quality lawn prints for summer 2015 wear of girls. Sobia Nazir is not a new name in fashion industry of the pakistan, In fact she is already on top of her game transforming the blank canvass of the fabric into wonderful words of art.  Her designs have graced many runway projects, magazines and fashion shows around the globe. Her aim is to transform the inspiration and expressions of the women into a reality that they can walk with confidence. which can be easily seen in Sobia Nazir spring summer Lawn collection 2015. Her objective to feel you chic and luxe with simple and edgy styles reflected in her clothing line. Sobia's broad spectrum vision includes styles that are contemporary yet classic and ever evolving. This year, Sobia Nazir contributed with imperial textiles to bring a lawn collection that offers a festive fashion extravaganza, that allows pastels and delicate finishes to take the forefront for the season. This mesmerizing Sobia-Nazir Spring Summer Collection 2015 is a glamorous get away from the heat and features contemporary designs mark to in redefining colors stitched on premium lawn and other splash fabrics which are her signature trademark.
Sobia Nazir S-S Lawn Collection 2015 in PKR 6,390/-
While talking about Imperial textiles and her new " Sobia Nazir Lawn 2015" Catalog / Magazine she revealed that
" a very especial designing of a journey that will provide top quality collection including cotton, silks, chiffon's and linens throughout the year to fans." This is first great effort of her and imperial textile for summer and they are finalizing more for you".
Hope you will admire unique blend and magical designs with geometric and vintage floral amalgamation in Sobia Nazir Lawn 2015 clubbed with embroidery, motifs and fines of fabric.
Sobia Nazir Lawn 2015 Vol-1 by Imperial Textiles
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