Minahil Lawn 2015 Vol-1 by Rujhan Fabric - Spring Summer 2015 Catalog

Rujhan Fabric presents it's another beautiful and embroidered spring summer collection 2015 volume-1. Manahil / Minahil Lawn is launching on 16th march officially. Minahil by Rujhan is fashion forward ideas stylized with simple, sleek and elegance. Because Rujhan fabrics aim to help you to find perfect dress for summer festivities and fill it with amazing colors and magical designs like no other brand can. In Minahil fashion magazine / catalog 2015, rujhan is revealing that how fashion is rewriting the rules and how our designers making to comply with summer fashion. Being a popular customized designer brand of pakistan. Rujhan has produced prestigious design concept with traditional amalgamation in Minahil Spring Summer 2015 VOL 1 with fine styles, perfect combination of colors and designs which will depict the feel of the season in a way so indescribable yet distinctive. When sun strike the atmosphere and you need comfort with much more than Minahil Lawn 2015 is the range which provides you refreshing hues, ravishing summer love affairs, trendiest fashion that speak itself. Because the designer team has given dramatic dose of pretty shades in simple yet magical in glamor. It is the only fashion catalogue which deliver you comfort and luxury within a dress and highlight your hidden fashion sens.
Minahil Embroidered Lawn Collection 2015
Rujhan is most diverse and phenomenal fashion brand because it offer us affordable yet luxury designs with authentic ideas of the season. In quality we find Rujhan a best label and fusion with timeless appeal is unmatched at rujhan by sk.
Among many top-notch fashion houses, Rujhan textiles is the only name who deals in Asian color palettes and ethnic patterns and provide us customized trends to wear as formal and casual wear. And this summer spring 2015, Rujhan has brought really mesmerizing fashion ideas for girls to bring them in limelight and enhance their looks. So let's look at most latest and exclusive Catalog / Magazine of Minahil Lawn.

Minahil Lawn Dresses in Rujhan 2015 Catalog