Iqra Sikander Luxury Pret Dresses S/S 2015 | Semi-Formal / Party Wear

Iqra Sikander Clothing Boutique launched its Luxury pret S/S'15 semi-formal and parties wear unique jacket with delicate handwork and inner, Tunic with sheer fabrics, Delicate cutwork enhanced formal pret in fine quality. Iqra sikander is another well informed newbie fashion designer of Pakistan who work with many online stores and boutiques like guzel and brand just pret to serve US and UK based clients with local market too. She is gold medalist artist who owns creative moods and eastern designs with magic of sensual colors. Couple of years ago Iqra Sikander has started to serve fashionholics with her lovely design sense and within 5 years she touched highest level of the sky of success. Now her brand is synonymy of comfortable, stylish and high class fashion in pret ( ready to wear ), bridal wear, semi formal and party wear. With unique textile knowledge and experience of fashion, this year in 2015 Iqra Sikander has also tried her luck in seasonal fashion and introduced debut spring summer pret collection 2015-16.

Ready-to-Wear Luxury Semi-Formal / Party Wear Collection
This summer dresses trends basically presenting semi formal and evening wear trends with influential twist in Asian styles. Iqra sikander Spring-Summer pret is formed in luxury styles with rich and exquisite embroidery adornments. So we can take it as luxury pret wear for summer parties. In this summer spring pret formals'15; Iqra has refined shalwar kameez in jacket and coat designs and combined with pencil pants, Capri and trousers. Iqra sikander has took inspiration from ethnic patterns and vintage layouts of pakistani dresses and amalgamated in modern features to provide us innovative contemporary trends.
Latest Iqra Sikander pret jacket / coat shirts collection is ideal for traditional events and functions like mehandi and mayon. Because she has used subtle theme with pastel hints and lush embroideries with edgy tailoring and these qualities are considered best for wedding function dresses in Pakistan. Let's checkout iqra sikander pret luxury dress collection 2015-2016 for parties

Iqra Sikander 2015 Clothes in Pret Wear Designs