Élan Vital Summer Collection 2015 by Khadijah Shah Luxury Pret 2015-16

Khadijah Shah is sole proprietor of luxury and premium clothing brand ELAN. She has worked hard to make elan a prestigious and famous label through her fashionable drawings, unique strategies of designing and everlasting plans. Elan was formed in 2006 and gradually it extended the branches in unstitched fabrics, lawn prints, ready to wear, elite pret, chic casuals, bridals and formal to western styles. Currently, Khadijah is serving fashionistas with Sapphire too. But today, we are going to introduce two brilliant contribution of Elan for spring-summer 2015. Elan luxury pret 2015 as "J'Adore" and Elan vital summer collection 2015 as "Amour". Both are capsule collections and designed with multi purpose wear thoughts. As now girls are very anxious for chic casual and smart ready to wear and especially working women only wish for such graceful styles. That is why - this summer season, Khadijah at elan is giving you perfect amalgamation of softer shades, delicate prints along with fancy detailing to add a glamorous touch in persona. Actually through her latest summer dress collections; she wants to express her love for consumers and fashion. Both elan vital Amour collection and J’Adore luxury pret are inspired from french florals and delicateness that significantly highlighted by designer sense.
Élan-Khadijah Shah Vital / Luxury Pret 2015-16

In fact, ‘J’Adore’ was designed for Valentine’s Day 2015 by elan and consist on red, black and golden theme. However - 'Amour is all about defining floral with sleek and creative moods. If aside elan vital spring-summer 2015 collection brought richness of baroque and curtails ornate then other side luxury pret was a range of lavish embroideries on cotton satin fabrics with the touch of glamor and femininity. This year, Elan pret-a porter line for summer 2015 is stylish and quality portfolio before the lawn arrivals. Now let's wait for another exotic yet modern catalog of Elan Lawn 2015; which will defiantly give you a extraordinary chic casual line for summer spring 2015.
J'adore Élan loved

Amour Élan Vital 2015 S/S

 Élan collection of Luxury Pret Clothing