Zahra Shallwani Kantha Shawls Designs 2015-16 in Pakistan

Shawl - The most wanted accessory of winter, the easiest style to keep body warm, the comfortable pieces and matchable fashion with casual or formal dresses. Shawls has always been symbol of royalty, grace and elite fashion for girls. Because - it reflects taste of different state with unique blend of embroidery, textures, weaving patterns and colors. And girls love to wear such shawls that made according to new trends to protect them from cold. Today, we have brought Kantha Shawls collection by Zahra Shallwani. Kantha is classy embroidery stitch of south Asia. it is very popular needle work on Bangladesh, India and pakistan. Mostly girls us kantha needle work to decorate saree, dresses, shawls, cushions, bedsheets and pillow cover. Kantha need extra efforts and expertise and only drawable through hands. It is precious and old handwork. In pakistan, kantha can be found in villages and different regions. And every region, kantha handicrafts is very pleasant. Basically, kantha is made by different color fabrics and commonly women call it ralli work. Today, Zahra Shallwani has introduced pakistani Kantha Shawls Designs 2015-16.
In which, she has fetched different regional styles and shapes on shawls to make unique expression of kantha shawls. She has used chunri printing style, ralli or patch work, folk art kantha drapes, and paisley floral to redefine kantha shawls in contemporary Kantha. Every, kantha shawl has made on silk cloth and beautified with vibrant colors and catchy features to show to traditional resemblance of kantha embroidery. So get ready to welcome winters with khantha shawl 2015 by Zahra Shallwani.

Chunri Style Kantha Embroidery Stole

kantha silk shawl

Nakshi Kantha Silk Shawl

beige and brown khantha shawl

Ralli Work Kantha / Patch Kantha shawl