The Pink-Tree Company Party Wear Dresses 2015-16

Do you need a definitive fashion brand to redefine you formal wear needs? Do you want to catch modern fashion with wonderful unique installation? If yes then today we are going to introduce you with "The PinkTree Company", Which provide you sleek edit. The Pink-Tree Company - was launched to pay tribute to nature. Pink tree clothing is manifestation of creativity and regal lifestyle, it redefine your fashion taste by adding distinct textures and fabulous fringes. The PinkTree clothing is ideal PrĂȘt company - which produces delicately embellished sparkling tops, tube dresses, gowns, prom and many other genuine styles. Recently, pink tree boutique has introduced Party Wear Dresses 2015-16, in which designer team has took inspiration from insects such as aunts, giant dragonfly, scorpion and flowers. The PinkTree Company Luxury Pret  2015-16 include silk shift with generously sprinkle aunts with zardosi and stones and Swarovski. Another dress features paneled silk top with glittering scorpion made by crystals and flower embellishment. They have designed dresses in western styles such as shoulder less, strapless and sleeveless. Below you can see most exclusive winter collection for parties by the pink tree.

PinkTree - Karachi - PARTY WEAR 2015