Tawakkal Printed LINEN Collection 2015 - Linen Shawl Dupatta Vol-4

Tawakka LINEN - Shawl Dupatta Volume-4 for winters: Nowadays, many girls wants to wear designer and branded dresses because of fame of brands like alkaram and gul ahmed. But we all know that wearing gul ahmed dresses are impossible for middle-class women. That is why many among us kill their wishes; but now when fashion empowered to creative and economical brands then wearing designer dress is under reach of middle-class women. Such as take a example of Tawakkal fabrics - which is bringing high quality apparel with latest designs and pretty colors in reasonable prices. Tawakkal is one of the hot selling fashion icon in winter. Recently this hot-selling, most demanding and top pakistani designer displayed Exclusive Linen Shawl & Dupatta Collection 2015 Volume 4. In which they brought notable designs on cozy and warm textured linen fabric.
This is very fresh and comfortable edition for winter that include shawls to feel you warm, catchy colors to make you pretty, contemporary design to feel you confident, supreme fabrics and all creative attributes that you want according to your distinct fashion taste. Tawakkal Fabrics Linen Collection 2015-2016 with shawls is easy to modify style and you can make it more rich and stylish by adding patches, motifs, lace and button work. You can apply dori work neckline to get impressive dress.

Casual Wear Printed LINEN 2015