Royal Ottoman Outfits Designs 2015 at Femme by Faria Clothing

It would not be wrong, if we say that pakistan is under influence of Turkish culture. You must be thinking that why we are saying like this ? As we have seen that since pakistani TV channels has bought Turkish serial and broadcasting on pakistani channels; it has mesmerized the women and we are adopting their way of talking, dressing and want to live such lifestyle. As we know - that living such luxury life is impossible but dressing like queen and princesses is quite easy.That is why brands like femme by faria are taking advantage and giving us dresses according to our taste. Recently, Femme - the official fashion brand of faria - has launched “The Sultana” Collection. It is inspired by royal courts, ottoman empire lifestyle and classical Turkish fashion. In Royal Ottoman Outfits Designs 2015, she has translated the majestic and authentic trends with royal fuse. Femme by faria dresses 2015 include double shirt style turkish dresses with inner shirt and upper coat with straight trousers. She has used velvet strips, fancy crafts, brooch, semi precious metal jewelry and other prestigious technique to make it bit luxury.

Royal dresses collection in Pakistan by Faria
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Turkish Dresses by Pakistani fashion designer
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Femme Clothing Ottoman Designs
Femme by Faria Clothing