Nilofer Couture Pretty Western Dresses at Meeras - Tree of Life

No one can deny the artistic fashion sense, aesthetic inspired ideology and creativity of pakistani fashion designers. Because - they have proved that they are able to compete with modern fashion world in eastern or western patterns. Their matchless logic of making any trend to rich is really inspiring and they are gloryhound for global trend makers. If you are not agree then just look at this Nilofer Shahid “The House Of Meeras” latest collection published in Institute Mag. In which, the designer Nilofer Couture has worked on western layouts to make luxury pret dresses. Nilofer Couture is the designer famous for stocking creativity and reviving the classic designs with the passion to make unique. She is running her fashion brand with the name of Meeras (Nilofer Couture) clothing, where she provides distinct, versatile and masterpieces of bespoke garments. Her brand is symbol of dreamy styles and the word meer as is synonym of legacy of ancient periods. And mostly girl likes Meeras by nilofer shahid designs due to oriental touch and timeless appeal.

Tree of Life Pretty Dress Collection

So, recently at Meraas and Nilofer Couture, the designer has introduced a shoot of luxury pret wear 2015.
In which she has focused to produce Western wear for women. This collection is officially titles as Tree of life, where the designer Nilofer Shahid has used own story and formula. She brought lively effect with certain theme of animal, birds with wildly inspiration. These Pretty Western Dresses at Meeras are pertaining to a queens lifestyle and old glory of western lifestyle.

Western Wear by Pakistani Fashion Designer