Nadia Elahi Bridal Collection 2015 | NaDia EllaHi The Absolute Bride Dress

Every bride wishes to become The Absolute Bride' 2015. But actually, to become absolute you need to dress and accessorize yourself with ultimate fashion. Pakistan is the land of traditions, norms and ethical values; and people of pakistan strictly follows their religion to. So in such circumstances our brides can become absolute by wearing classic pieces. In Short, we can say Nadia Ellahi designer bridal dress collection is ideal to become catchy and trendy bride. Nadia elahi is contemporary artist of our industry, her design philosophy revolves around exciting palettes, traditional touch and modern features. That is why - she is prominent as high impactful dress maker in pakistan. So, today we show you Nadia Ellahi Bridal Collection 2015 to make your prominent in wedding. This bridal catalog has been launched for sunday times; for which she draw inspiration from ancient styles and blended in contemporary details. She has focused on bringing neo-bride dress with oriental opulence, rich array and luxury designs. Nadia Ellahi Bridal Dress Collection 2015 is combination of jackets with lehenga choli and off-shoulder neckline that features heavily hand embroidery with dapka & swarovski work.
She has creatively amalgamated deep reds with gold, black with antique gold, corals and emerald on katan silks, cotton net, velvet, masoori and tulle to point out the luxury detailing of bridal fashion. Every dress is reflecting youthful flair, modern style and fun filled flavors that remain attention grabbing for brides.  If someone ask us to describe nadia ellahi bridal wear 2015 in one sentence then line will be " Breath taking Bridal ensemble that make you absolute bride through luxury, signature statement and classic appeal".

Nadia Ellahi Absolute Bride 2015 Designs

Nadia Elahi Bridal Dress Collection 2015

Nadia Elahi Bridal Dress Collection 2015

Absolute Bride 2015 by Designer Nadia Ellahi

Nadia Ellahi Sutra Bridal Suits

The Absolute Bride' 2015