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Maheen Karim the pioneer of fashion - nominated for best new talent in lux style award in 2007, award winner of best designer pret and most stylish designer in 2008 - has disclosed Luxury Pret Dresses of 2015. Her amazing and breathtaking range of pret is almost ready to get place in your wardrobe with stylish prom dresses, cocktail outfits and glamorous western wear. Her western pret 2015 is based on metropolitan lifestyles and she took inspiration from London, Europe and American cultures to make it a unique mix of iranian, western and Indian fashion. Maheen karim has launched it as winter collection 2015 and titled as Ravissant luxury collection. She has moulded the indian rajput lifestyle with spectacular foreign cuts and drapes to make it rich form of evening attires. Maheen Karim Luxury Pret Designs 2015 is composition of rich velvet prom, digital silk drapes, pleated dress, and floor length gown which have been enriched with applique, cutwork, fabric manipulation art and digital prints. Each piece of maheen's boutique 2015 has accentuated with care and glamorous attention because exotic and remarkable elements were first demand of designer. She has beautified the exotic western luxury pret 2015 with pearls, stones, crystals and other jewels.

Maheen Karim Western Luxury Pret Collection 2015

Maheen is exotic trend maker and she achieved many award for her rich pret philosophy. She completed Art and Design degree from Central Saint Martins College and started fashion career to show her distinct skills. In short span, she gained global acclaim and become a pride of pakistan. Her clothing brand has produced ready-to-wear designs at early stage and focused on bringing western evening wear luxury dresses. Her eclectic sense of designing and universal trend knowledge has made her prestigious trend-maker and gave immense success in industry. Now Maheen karim is dynamic designer boutique, which trades in high-profile and luxury pret wear. She likes to play with glitz and glamour and her design formula is combination of exquisite embellishment, remarkable and unusual trims, clean and edgy sewing with elegance and femininity.

Maheen Karim Luxury Pret F/W 2015

Maheen Karim Luxury Pret F/W 2015

Western Luxury Pret Dresses

Maheen Karim Designer Collection 2015

Maheen Karim Designer