Hand Embroidered Jacket by Love Indigenous - The Pencil Flight Collection

Stylish Velvet Jackets for Girls: Being in spotlight in fashion industry is a long journey. But not for that, who wants to win the attention with creativity, elegance and high-profile trends. Pakistani women likes those trend makers who defines new boundaries for them. They like contemporary designers and also appreciate classy style empowerment. So, any brand  - who knows to define modern fashion, classy styles and clothing uniquely is favorite of girls. Love Indigenous is new group of artisans‬ - who brings beauty of ethical fashion‬ for girls. Love Indigenous was founded in 2014 and diversity and quality is identity and key factors of the brand. "Love Indigenous"
respect cultures and ethical values and likes to reform the old fashioned to engage the female with their traditions. It's vision to make clothes with diverse inspiration, and paying the tribute to Islamic architecture, multifarious worlds, subcontinent fashion and regional lifestyle by using in his creations. Newly, Love Indigenous has launched very first or debut collection and titled with The Pencil Flight collection. In which, they produced hand embroidered jackets designs in Iranian style. They have used Irani thread embroidery work and interior Sindhi crafts to detail jackets. Love Indigenous Embroidered Velvet Jacket can be worn with any dress to add bit fancy and rich style. According to Love Indigenous officials, their designer jackets clothing style in the pencil flight is the first chapter of the relationship between the pencil and the human hand culminating in this collection of jewel tone velvet jackets. Complemented by a range of qua trefoils, hexagons, fish scales and the cypress tree in gold embroidery, the pencil flight manifests both charm and verve.

Women's designer Jackets Styles for winter by Love-indigenous

designer Jackets Styles for winterdesigner Jackets Styles for winter
Formal Jacket Collection 2015
designer Jackets Styles for winterdesigner Jackets Styles for winter

Hand Embroidered Jacket fashion 2015
designer Jackets Styles for winterdesigner Jackets Styles for winter