Aisha Imran SOUVENIR Bridal Collection at TBCW-2014

Following Fahad Hussayn, Aisha Imran had brought an antique Bridal Suits presentation at TBCW-2014. She appeared with "SOUVENIR", which had recalled the memories of ancient times. The bridal attires at TBCW 2014 was very sensational and blend of traditional styles. She had poured versatility of south asian bridal trends in unique manner. Aisha Imran SOUVENIR Collection at TBCW-2014 had spread signature glory on the ramp and fascinated the viewers with magical style of work. She had applied precious and semi precious stone to highlight her pieces such as emerald, ruby, pearls ornamentation was catchy. Her bridal attires had set constant magic and drama on the floor of fashion show. Indeed, she threw a vision that she is very unique and skillful lady - who likes to present antique styles and want to make us happy with ancient fashion which considered timeless.

Aisha Imran Bridal Suits at TBCW-2014