Phulkari by Taana Baana Winter Collection 2014 | Phulkari Fall / Winter 2014 Vol-1

Printed dresses or embroidered dresses? What is your your choice for fall and winter. If you love to wear embroidered dresses than many designers have introduced embroidered dresses as winter trends. And if you prefer to wear printed attires than designer have launched printed collections. Today we have a collection that is emphasis on printed plus embroidered dresses. It is Phulkari By Taana Baana Winter 2014 Vol-1. Phulkari winter dresses are embellished with finest sub continental prints and intricate embroideries. Taana Baana is a well known name for all the fashion lovers, It offers hand embellished dresses for every season. Phulkari is a sub clothing line of women introduced by Taana Baana. This winter Taana Baana has offered a classic and contemporary designs of casual wear winter dresses under the tag of Phulkari By Taana Baana Fall Winter Collection 2014. All the dresses are very rich and traditional. The designer have added all the soothing and attractive colours along with sophisticated prints. Moreover the trimming ideas and modern trends have made the dresses look different.

 Phulkari Fall / Winter 2014 Vol-1

 Phulkari by Taana Baana Winter Collection 2014

 Phulkari By Taana Baana Fall Winter Collection 2014