New Fashion of Pakistan Angrakha Pishwas Frocks 2015 | Formal Dresses

Now selecting a perfect formal dress is quite difficult; when you are very cautious about your looks and want to flatter your body with complementing style. Because - everyone has different fashion sense; such as few likes contemporary then some prefer traditional or others want a blend of oriental cum modern. But the formal collection which we are going to show you will meet everyone's fashion demand. It is classy, aspiring and elegant. Yes! We are talking about angrakha dresses, pishwas designs and frocks styles; which are equally popular like tail shirt, jacket suits or coat shirts. Angrakha is modern version of anarkali frocks, it also belongs to imperium dynasty. Angrakha specially feature V neck with side opening slit; which mostly detailed with tassels or ribbons to tie. In old era the length of angrakha designs was between knee to ankle but with drastic development of fashion and patterns have changed the face of angrakha.

Pakistani Formal Dresses Fashion 2015-16

Now you can see great influence of pishwas on angrakha; however basic trims are same but the length are varied. Here you can find beautiful pishwas angrakha frocks designs 2015-2016. These styles are on top in traditional contemporary formal wear and every second girl have one or two angrakha frocks in pishwas style for occasional wear. In this pakistani formal dress collection you can find beautiful pishwas which is popular as long shirts, open-shirt double-shirt with heavy embroidery work embellished with fancy tailoring.
Pakistani Bridal Wear Latest Pishwas
Pakistani Bridal Wear Latest PishwasPakistani Bridal Wear Latest Pishwas

Latest fashion Angrakha / Gown as formal wear
Latest fashion AngrakhaLatest fashion Gown as formal wear
Readymade fancy Pink Angrakha Dress
Readymade fancy Pink Angrakha DressReadymade fancy Pink Angrakha Dress

Black Formal Dresses
Black Formal DressesBlack Formal Dresses

Angrakha Designs in Aline Cut
Angrakha Designs in Aline CutAngrakha Designs in Aline Cut

Pishwas in Angrakha Style
Pishwas in Angrakha StylePishwas in Angrakha Style
Open-Shirt / Double Shirt Pishwas
Open-Shirt / Double Shirt PishwasOpen-Shirt / Double Shirt Pishwas
Pishwas Frocks designs 2015-16
Pishwas Frocks designs 2015-16Pishwas Frocks designs 2015-16